The day the Sea stood still

One day the Sea got tired of always going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And so, it stopped.  The Wind blew harder and harder hoping to make her friend move again, but the effort was in vain, for the Sea had decided it was time to rest. The Wind asked: ‘Why aren’t you dancing with me anymore?’ Gently, the Sea answers: ‘Because I’m tired. All of these centuries moving up and down, touching the sand and running away, only to come back up and touch it once more, always rising and falling, and for what?’ ‘I don’t know’, whispered the Wind, ‘but I like dancing with you. Goodbye old friend, I shall go looking for another dancing partner’. ‘Goodbye’, answer the Sea. The Wind went away, not expecting to return.

The day crossed the sky until it dived into the Western horizon. From the other side the night was born. And with it came the the Moon, full and white, her pale light gently caressing the dark waters, impatiently waiting for the Sea to rise to look at her. But the Sea didn’t rise. Partly frustrated, partly intrigued, she asked: ‘Why don’t you rise to admire me tonight?’, to which the Sea replied: ‘My dear Moon, for ages and ages, every day and every night I used to rise to more closely look at you and each time I would fall back down again to admire your amazing beauty against the starry sky. But after all these years I am old and tired, and I need to rest.’ With great sadness the Moon said: ‘My dear Sea, how I will miss your devoted admiration!’ And so the Moon, vain as she was, spent her time admiring her own image in the calm watery mirror of the Sea. But she soon got bored now that she had lost her favourite admirer, and quickly crossed the sky to go to bed. As soon as she disappeared, the day came up again. The Sun didn’t understand why the night had been so short, but he didn’t mind and actually enjoyed it, for it gave him a lot more time to reign in the sky.

And then, the Men arrived. They came in large wooden ships, with big pearly sails, always rowing, and rowing and rowing. They had to row because they couldn’t use their sails without Wind.  They rowed until they didn’t have the strength to row anymore. In a moment of despair one of the Men shouted to the sky: ‘Where are you Wind? Why aren’t you here to fill our sails?’ A seagull that was passing by responded: ‘The Wind left because the Sea refuses to dance’. At first, the Men didn’t quite believe in it but, after several months of waiting for a breeze that never appeared, they gave up and, just like the Wind and the Moon, they also decided to leave.

The Sea was now all alone. Even the clouds didn’t visit him, for the clouds need Wind to travel.  The days became longer and hotter, for the Moon was easily bored by the Sea’s monotonous company. After months of excruciating heat and unbearable solitude, the Sea, missing his friends, reconsidered his decision. Even though he was disappointed in his friends for leaving him, he realised that he really enjoyed dancing with the Wind, gazing at the Moon and being tickled by the Men’s ships. He decided that he would move again, even if it was exhausting to him. And so he did.

The first one to notice was the Moon, who was delighted to have her dedicated lover back. That night lasted the equivalent of two days, for they missed each other very much. When the Moon finally went to sleep and the Sun, who was very upset for having to wait for so long, finally came up again, the Sea wondered what he could do to bring back the Wind. He eventually decided to ask the birds to go look for her. They went to land, returning hours later with the Wind in their wings. The Wind was very happy to have her old dance partner again, and so they danced like never before. All of this dancing was very noisy, for the waves were very big and were crashing madly against the rocks. When the Men heard this, they rapidly got inside the ships and sailed to the Sea to celebrate. The Sea wasn’t alone anymore. From that day forward, the Sea never stopped again. Sometimes he’s in a quieter mood, other times he may be in a great big rush, but he is always rising and falling, going and coming. Never again will he stay still, so that never again he will be alone.


Author: toserendipityandbeyond

Book addict with a fling for writing

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