Tease me dear politician

I seat in my chair hardly containing

The expectations that I know to be vain.

As your image appears I can hear

A sight from my intellect, preparing

To feel your insolent tickles on my brain.

No need for meaningful rhetoric

Such is a thing of the past.

Tease me, dear politician

And make this foreplay last.

I drink your words, like poison,

A bittersweet nectar from shallow wombs.

All that is relevant is that you

Tease me dear politician, tease me,

With exotic fruits, honey and tough love too.

So much fire and air,

So much to look forward to.

And to spice our crippled affair,

Employing a different tailor,

So much more of the same,

Using a brand new silly name

To Baptise each old (ab)used stance.

Tease me, dear politician

Entice me in this everlasting dance.

How I love to watch your emotions.

Your fake outraged faces

And your sincere ones too.

Tease me, dear politician

And I’ll give my vote to you.